How to Find the Perfect Toy Box

In the quest for the perfect toy box, many parents will turn over store catalogue after store catalogue, and browser through thousands of pages on the Internet. It’s hard to find a great box, one that is just perfect for your family. But it doesn’t have to be. If you take the time to answer these questions, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect box in no time, whether it’s a Little Tikes toy chest or a safari toy chest.

First of all, you need to decide what sort of design you want. It could be a plain toy chest that’s suitable for a formal living room. It could be a wooden toy chest painted in a design that matches your nursery. It could even be a toy chest with your child’s favorite cartoon character on the sides and lid. Once you have an idea of the design you are looking for, it’s a lot simpler to narrow down your options.

Next, you can start looking online for that ideal design.  Amazon is a good place to start.  Once you have a few manufacturers whose style you like, you can look at their websites as well. Many will offer free shipping from there. If you want a style that is no longer in production, like a football shaped toy box, you can find it at Ebay. Finally, you may want to look at Etsy for handpainted designs.

You can also check out local stores. However, most don’t carry more than a few styles of toy chests in stock. Also, they may be more expensive than the prices you’ll find online.  Still, it is a way to support local businesses if you have one that you like near you.

Finally, you will get your toy box. Most of the time, the box will need to be assembled. However, this is an easy task that can be done in under an hour in most cases.

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