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How landlords can adapt to students during tenant screening

Students are at the time of their lives when they leave their hometowns, rent an apartment outside campus walls, and move to college. For the very first time, they can have the freedom to do whatever they want and be able to make decisions on their own. It is the very first opportunity for them to learn how to be independent and responsible enough to carry out their duties at college and also at home to make their parents proud. Having said these, landlords are faced with the challenge of meeting the needs of college students when it comes to renting a space. Tenant screening processes have to be done in a very detailed manner as young people have different personalities, dreams and desires.

When facing students applying as dwellers in your apartment, be flexible enough to carry out conversations. You will be able to meet the shy types, liberated ones, sports buffs, serious and very studious ones or nerds, rich kids, scholars, so on and so forth. As you can see, these types have different likes and dislikes. So, whenever you conduct tenant screenings, you must be clear on your rules and regulations.

1.    On noise- most students love stereos in their rooms. Music has been a part of their lifestyles. Be clear on what their rooms may consist of when they move. For example, dancers, musicians or singers would definitely cause loud noises in their rooms. This is when you should demand for them to install soundproofing devices in their rooms in order not to distract the neighbors.
2.    On extra dwellers- either you allow or you do not allow other people to stay for a few nights in their place. Set some rules on this matter. If you do allow, how many nights and what are your minimum or maximum number of people allowed?
3.    On payment methods- this is most important. Are they paying through cash or credit card? When are your deadlines? What do you require for payments made by parents?

These are just some factors to consider. You can think of other rules to improve landlord-tenant relationship.

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