How Bank Teller’s Start the Day

Bank teller’s start the day with a certain amount of cash in a drawer that has been determined by the financial institution that they work for. The teller is responsible for this cash drawer and all the cash, checks, loan payments and other monies that they receive within the work day. Teller’s must keep records of all transaction, not only on their computer, but on a settlement sheet that will be used at the end of the day to balance all the transactions and money in the drawer. The transactions and balance sheet must balance so the same amount of money is in the drawer in which they started with. If these totals do not match then the bank teller cannot leave the bank. A head teller will help review all transactions to help find the mistake that has been made, once the mistake is found and corrected the teller is free to go for the day. The settlement sheet is used to help the teller check their own work to make sure that the transactions have been done correctly and accurately.

In larger banks a beginner teller might only do simple types of transactions until they gain the skills and knowledge to perform more specialized jobs, such as handling real estate loans, car loans, and other complex duties. Some tellers become vault tellers, these tellers oversee all transactions that go in and out of the bank’s vault. These tellers have usually been with the bank more than two years and have the experience to work with large amounts of cash. Some tellers become head tellers with a higher paying bank teller salary, these tellers supervise the work of other tellers in their branch. This teller is also responsible for the training of new employees and oversee all their work to make sure that it is done correctly and accurately. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, bank tellers held about seven-hundred thousand jobs in 2010. Almost one-forth of these jobs were part-time tellers. Teller positions where on a decline in the past few years due to automated teller machines, online accounts and drive up windows. However, there will always be new positions opening for part-time and full-time tellers with an above average bank teller salary due to the fact of promotions and the need to fill empty bank teller positions. (bank teller, bank teller salary, head bank teller)

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