Home Heating And Air Circulation Tips: Fixing Noisy Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are great fixtures to add in your home if you want to circulate heat and air throughout a room, or your whole house. To maximize the use of your home heating and air system, having them will allow you to save energy, too. But sometimes, problems occur and one of the most common problems most people will encounter is a noisy ceiling fan. Here are a few tips to fix the noise problem.

First, you should check the blades. Has dust accumulated on them? Dirty blades cause a fan to wobble and shake, thus making it noisy when you turn it on. If your blades are dirty, just clean them. Use a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water and wipe off the dirt thoroughly. Let it dry and then wipe it again with a clean and dry towel. After that, you should test the fan. This will usually fix the problem if the dirty blades are the only culprit.

If the cleaning did not fix the problem, or if you see that your blades are perfectly clean, you should check the bolts that connect the blades to the fan. These bolts sometimes loosen over time and cause the blades to make some noise when being used. This is quite simple. Just pick up the appropriate tools and tighten the bolts.

It is also possible that your fan’s blades are dragging on the fan shroud. All you will need to do to fix this problem is to adjust the shroud’s position. Simply loosen the shroud screws and move the shroud to an appropriate position. Then tighten the screws back into place.

The final possible culprit for a noisy fan is that the screws that attach the light fixtures to your fan has loosened and has caused the light’s lenses to rattle. There are two ways that you can fix this. You can tighten the screws back on, or you can add some rubber lens guards to stop the rattling.

In case you are not confident that you can fix such kind of problems on your own, do not hesitate to ask the help of qualified professionals, like those working with AC repair companies Atlanta or Charlotte heating and air companies.

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