Samsung ST550 Digital Camera – Black ( 12MP, 5x Optical Zoom Lens) 3.5 inch Screen

Technical Details

Hidden front 1.5 inch LCD
Rear 3.5 inch wide 1152K TSP with Smart Gesture UI
Storage medium Micro-SD card (not included)
27 mm wide angle, 4.6x Optical Zoom
720P HD Movie / H.264 Format, HDMI

Manufacturer’s Description
With the world’s first front and back LCD, Samsung’s ST550 provides the easiest way to take the perfect self portrait, either by yourself or with friends or family, every time! On the front of the camera is a 1.5” LCD that shows you exactly what the picture will look like, so you can be a part of the picture as well as the photographer. When you tap the front LCD, it turns on and automatically goes into Self-Portrait mode. You can also turn on the front LCD with a simple selection through the intuitive interface. As soon as you smile, the camera automatically takes the picture! But the dual LCDs do more. In Children mode, the front LCD plays a fun animation to capture a child’s attention while taking their photo. Also, to ensure you take a photo of your subject while they’re smiling, the front LCD will display a “smiley face” when the shutter is pushed halfway to signal when they should smile. The front LCD displays other useful information, such as Macro and Flash modes, and provides a preview of a self-timed shot, plus a countdown timer.

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