Have You Tried The Wenger Commando Watch

The Commando Watch features a large face, a telemeter, and a tachymeter, and a date display. The face is luminescent, making it easy to read the watch even at night time. The watch is mounted onto a strong rubber wristband, allowing for the wearer to participate in any outdoor activity without the worry of ruining the timepiece. The time is kept very consistently with the timepiece, making it virtually unnecessary to adjust the hands after it is set.

Commando Watch, a Wenger military watch, is a rugged time piece meant for the outdoors person. This watch is built with function and quality in mind. The solid construction will keep this high quality watch lasting for long.

This Wenger military timepiece is water resistant down to 100 meters. The stainless steel casing helps to protect gears from any sort of dust or moisture that might be introduced into the works. The casing is covered in a PVD coating, giving the watch even greater protections. The dial comes in two colors, orange or green. It also comes with manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years.

The watch can be found at any number of online retailers. Amazon offers the Commando at 269, which is much below the listed price of 425. Many other online retailers carry the watch as well. Local jewelry shops may also carry the watch, but shoppers should make sure that it can be purchased at a price lower than the list price cheaper options are available.

The Commando is a high quality time piece. The solid construction, backed by a 3 year warranty, help to make the watch durable in almost any situation. It is a very consistent and reliable timepiece, is easy to read, and functions very well. The Commando is a great value, with the quality and reliability built into every piece.

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