Harry Potter Toys for Christmas

Since 2000, Harry Potter has taken over kid’s bookshelves, movie theaters and toy boxes.  With the next to last installment of the movie series just being released, kids this year are still anxious to get their hands on anything related to the movie or the franchise.  Here are just a few Harry Potter gifts for kids, to think about getting this year.
Part of what makes these books and movies loved by kids everywhere is that it sparks their imagination.  Whether it’s fighting off the Deatheaters or conjuring up magic spells with their wands their imaginations are constantly being used.  Getting them their own magic wand will allow them to continue to use those imaginations and replicate some of their favorite parts of the movies.
Action figures are also quite popular among boys and there are quite a few options available.  You can find Ron, Hermione, Harry and even Voldemort. Many of these action figures are taken from various scenes in the movies.
Also, popular are the video games which can be purchased on almost all of the different gaming platforms like the PC.  Recently released this year is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Game and it allows fans to relive some of their favorite moments sequence by sequence.  One of the most popular of the platforms is Wii since it allows players to move around and almost lets them be inside the game.
Legos are another popular toy and they have many sets dedicated to Hogwarts and the gang.  You can get Hagrid’s Hut, the Hogwarts castle and many other places that your kids can build from the ground up.  They will also love having the miniature replicas of some of their favorite characters to play with.
Whether or not your child is a huge fan of Harry Potter you can’t go wrong giving them any of the above toys and if you aren’t sure if they will like them or not, chances are they have at least one friend who does who they will be excited to play with these toys with.

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