Hand Juicers Are Not Just For Juicing Fruits and Vegetables

When people think of fresh juice, they think of squeezing the juice out themselves, or watching the fruits and vegetables being juiced in front of their eyes in a juice bar. What they may not know is the fact that affordable manual juicers can be used for other means besides juicing fruits and vegetables. Electric juicers cannot perform these tasks, so if any of them sound appealing to you, then you may want to invest a small amount of money into purchasing a hand juicer for your home.

The first of these tasks that a hand juicer can perform is making juice out of wheatgrass. By using a wheatgrass juicer, you can easily make this health tonic known for its healing and cleansing abilities and that is why this type of juice is becoming more popular. When you use a hand juicer to make wheatgrass juice, you can rest assured that your juice will be filled with the natural antioxidants and nutrients wheatgrass holds.

The second of the tasks that a hand juicer machine can perform is processing beans and nuts. Processing peanuts at home is a fast and easy way to make delicious, healthy peanut butter. Nut butter contains essential nutrients and fatty acids that help your body metabolize and run properly. Beans that are ran through a manual juicer can create bean dip or paste that can be used to create a variety of recipes that involve beans.

The third of the tasks is seed processing. Oils from seeds are used as supplements in diets and this is why many companies have been bottling the oils in order to make an easy profit and help people out along the way. The only problems with trying to process seeds are that they are expensive and you really cannot tell how fresh the seeds are. If you do happen to gain access to fresh seeds, then you will gain the ability to create oils that can be used as a dressing on a salad, or in cooking if a recipe calls for oil from a certain seed.

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