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Green Grass Rugs

Subconsciously or consciously, everyone designs the rooms in our homes and workplaces to reflect ourselves, our personality, what kind of impression a room intends to set, what kind of work we do, and most importantly, how we want others to think of us.  The first thing people tend to notice or take in when they first enter a room is the color of the walls, then the floor, the ceiling, and lastly any furniture or artwork. Without even realizing we are doing so, we rate the appearance of the room in our minds, and label the owner as such. The floor and floor coverings have a huge impact on your space, and so, be sure to give proper consideration into what flooring or floor coverings such as rugs that you have. It is very uncommon for people to use green rugs, but when they think of them, the typical green rug from the sixties pops into their minds.

The colors, styles, and textures of rugs have come light years since the sixties.  An energizing, vivacious lime green rug can add the spark of excitement you are looking for to any room, be it as an area or main rug.  In the workplace, we tend to be very intellectual and serious. Therefore, darker green colors such as those the color of a lime peel are perfect for lightening up the decor and adding a touch of fun and adventure to the office space.

Yet another typical misconception people hold concerns shag area rugs. There are many Sansom shag rugs made of both nylon and 100% wool. Sansom has an entire color wheel of rugs available, not just those of the garden-apple variety, ranging from cyan to lipstick pink. Shag rugs can be used to brighten up any room or office, as they come in a variety of colors to match your existing decor.

Research has proven that green is a calming color, and so, whether you choose to place a green rug in your home or office, you are sure to be satisfied.

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