Great Paramedic Books to Read

Whether you are thinking about becoming a paramedic in the near future, or you are already excelling in this profession, you will want to discover a few of the best books about the paramedic life. I have compiled a short list of a few of the best books you can find about this career path; from stories from the field to necessary curriculum, these books will give you a little more knowledge about paramedics.

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Written by Steven Grayson, CCEMT-P, this book chronicles on-the-job stories regarding a paramedic’s life. Grayson is a well-known paramedic, with many years of experience. This book will give you a glimpse into the life of a paramedic.



The National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians is a requirement to enter this field. If you are interested in becoming an EMT or paramedic, you will need to pass the exam to become certified; and you will need help in doing that. This book is designed to do just that. It includes up-to-date information, test preparation, and updated questions. Get in gear and fully prepared with this material.



Utilizing a systematic approach, this textbook begins by formulating a basic picture of the human body and moves right into more detailed anatomical features. The number one choice of many would-be paramedics, this book will help you pass those medical exams that may be haunting you. If you are currently required to use the Brady Paramedic textbook, you will definitely want to supplement this book with it. You will get a much more easily understood explanation of human anatomy and physiology.


These are just a few of a hundred or so books out there for paramedics. They will most likely help you become a more successful paramedic, or even boost you into this career much faster. Take the time to study and prepare and you will be making that paramedic salary in no time. I sincerely hope this article has helped in some way or another. Good luck to you in your future plans as a paramedic!

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