Got Airsoft Shotguns ?

Enjoyed your first simulated war game and had a lot of fun? Are you thinking about buying your first Airsoft gun or shotgun and have no clue what to purchase? Here’s a quick primer on some of the guns that are currently available in the market.

So what are Airsoft shotguns? These are weapons that look and feel like the real thing, and is used mostly for short range combat. Capable of firing multiple BBs in one shot, it allows the user to be able to hit its intended target a lot faster–especially if you’re just firing your gun like there’s no tomorrow. Most of these shotguns will also allow you to do a quick and easy reload, which is great if you’re in corner and there’s nowhere to go. Usually, the more popular brands will set you back around $90. However, the price ranges anywhere from $40 for the cheaper ones to over $200 for the more high-quality designs. Like any other product, you get what you pay for.

Are you aware that there are a variety of  available in the market? You can get a gas-powered shotgun or the spring-powered one. The gas-powered shotguns provide a kickback, which make you feel like you’re shooting the real thing. Spring-powered ones, on the other hand, require you to tilt the gun in the same fashion that you tilt an actual weapon in real life. This is why the spring-powered shotguns are the ones that most military and police use for practice training. Other kinds of Airsoft shotguns are the stock or cutaway models that have a pistol grip feature, and the double-barreled shotguns that require two shells to be loaded in so you can use it. So what kind of Airsoft shotgun will you choose? These are normally very personal decisions that will depend greatly on the type of functions that you are looking for in a shotgun. Are you looking for power, accuracy, or the ability to shoot at a longer range? Some models offer a little of all so choose wisely!

While you get what you pay for, it doesn’t  automatically make you the king of the hill when you buy the highest-priced Airsoft shotguns . You’ll quickly find as you play more Airsoft games that speed and tactical teamwork is most valuable to winning.

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