Go For Customized Curved Stairlifts

Between straight and curved stairlifts, the curved one is more expensive and more difficult to find. With straight stair lifts, all you have to do is to go for a stair lift store and fins any available product there. However, with the curved chair lift for stairs, you still have to make sure that what you get is a perfect fit. Sad to say, you can really not find the exact match for your stairs. This holds true especially if you have complicated stair designs and curves. As such, the best option for you is a customized curved stair lift.

The good thing about customized stair lift is that it will really match with the kind of stairs that you have. Your stairs will be measured first so that the length will just be right. You can also expect that the patient who will be using it won’t find any difficulty in controlling the buttons and going up and down independently. In short, right after the installation of everything, you’re up for a good start.

On the other hand, there are also down sides to this option. First of all is of course the price. We all know how expensive stair lifts can be. If you go for a customized one, it will even be more expensive. Add to that the rule of thumb which states that the longer your stairs are, the more expensive the stair lifts become. You also have to consider what will happen after its use. Say for instance, the patient is only advised to use it for about a couple of months. For straight stair lifts, you can just have it removed and sell it. However, for your curved lift, no one will bother buy it unless of course you’ll find a house that has exactly the same stair curves as your house. If none, then you will have to keep it for good.

Well, in the end this is still a good option if you really don’t have any other choice. It is fine to spend rather than allow your loved one to suffer.

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