Giving Stair Baskets as Gifts

If you are looking for a practical gift to give someone who has a home, consider the stair basket. These baskets are decorative and great organizers at the same time. They sit at the bottom of your stairs to collect all of the items that need to go up to the next floor. Then when you have time, you can carry the whole basket upstairs and put things where they go.

You can find stair baskets to go with any type of home decor. At one time, most stair baskets were made of wicker, but now you can find ones made from rattan, sea grass and even leather. There are stair baskets that are hand made by the Amish and other types of custom designs as well. Since they can be so decorative, some people fill them with items such as balls of yarn and display them when they are not being used to collect regular household stuff.

You can find these baskets at home stores and through online retailers, starting at about $25.00 for a simple wicker basket. Handmade and leather baskets will cost quite a bit more. Some come with fabric liners to protect both the basket and the items that you put into it. You can also purchase baskets with separate compartments so that you can sort the items as you put them in.

A stair basket filled with all sorts of baby supplies would be a nice gift to bring to a baby shower. A new homeowner would definitely appreciate such a gift as well. You could fill it with handy items for their new home. They could also be given at a wedding shower, filled with towels of some other items that the wedding couple would like. Most anyone who likes to keep organized would really appreciate one of these handy baskets to help them stay ahead of the clutter and to add to their home decor.

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