Getting Your Candelabra Centerpieces Ready for the Holiday Season

Though candelabra centerpieces are a beautiful addition to a table at any time of year, they are displayed to their best advantage around the holidays. If you will be hosting your family for Christmas dinner this year, there are a few things that you can do to your candelabra to create a custom, holiday appropriate candelabra centerpiece. With just a little work, you will turn your table into a scene worthy of a spread in a home decorating magazine, and will leave your guests marveling at your crafting skills.

Use colored candles on your holiday table. Red and green are perennial favorites for the season, but gold will work just as well to complement the colors of the food as well as the other decorations in your home. If you will be using colored candles, opt for rich hues that look warm and welcoming during the cold winter months. Long, taper candles are the most elegant choice, and their height will serve to make your table more three dimensional and interesting.

Drape your candelabra with holly or garlands. Just a few sprigs of holly will go a long way in making your centerpiece look as though it was custom made for the occasion. If you can, add a few red berries to the scene as well to inject a bit more color. Those who make their own wreaths may reserve some greens to place around the base of their display. Not only will this make the table look beautiful, it will also fill your dining room with the rich smells of Christmas.

Lighting the candles is optional. As many Christmas dinners are held in the mid-afternoon, one need not light the candles that are placed into the centerpiece. Even unlit, they will look marvelous, and then they may be stored to be used again next year.

Embellishing your candelabra centerpieces will make your table look festive and dressed for the holidays.

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