GarageTek: Garage Ceiling Options

When it comes to optimizing your space for garage storage, the number one area that is often neglected or overlooked is in the ceiling area. Some people may be concerned that having loads of weight suspended above the cars is not a good idea or it is not safe. The truth is, having overhead storage that is properly installed is a great way for storing seasonal items and large bulky items that will not get in your way compared to if they were on the ground. Also, there is a lot of room by the ceiling area depending on the size of your garage because you have two distinct spaces to work with. You can either use the area right above the tracks for the garage door, the area between the back wall and the garage door or both of them for the ultimate in overhead garage storage.

When it comes to looking for a company that offers overhead garage storage solutions, you want someone that offers a wide variety of options to meet many needs. GarageTek seems to be just that company. A leader in the garage storage field, they offer 13 different solutions for overhead storage.  Here is a look at a few of them in more detail to see if some of these might the right fit for you and your storage needs.

Accessible Attic – comes in a double or single form. It gives you an attic feel to the garage with overhead storage and is great for storing large items like holiday decorations and luggage. The Double holds a maximum weight of 2,000 pounds and measures 99 3/4”W X 49 3/4D x 39”H, while the single can hold 1,000 pounds at 50 ¾”W x 49 ¾”D x 39”H.

Adjustable T-Rack – holds up to 100 pounds and is great for storing longer items like fishing poles, extra wood, skis or any other type of equipment.

Bike Hoists – the hoists allow you to store bicycles up in the air that works like a pulley system. The self-locking cam makes it easy to get the bike up and down quickly whenever they are needed. The 8’ lift works well with ceiling heights of 10 feet or lower while the 16’ lift is great for high ceiling garages. If you are not a fan of hoists, they also offer C Hanger Hooks that allow the bike to be hung upside down. Either of these solutions can hold around 40 pounds.

Double Storage – it is two-tier shelving that is open on the front and sides. These work great for storing large plastic bins and cold hold up to 250 pounds. Measurements are 48”W x 48”D x 20”H.

4-Point Hoist – works much the same as the bike hoist except this is used for storing much heavier items. They offer two different solutions one that can carry 90 pounds of weight and another that carries 145 pounds of weight.

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