Futon Mattress: Fun, Stylish, Functional

Why is a futon so popular today? Well, it’s because they’re charming, functional, and they come in a variety of designs that even the most selective customer will readily find what he likes. A framed futon mattress can also add life to any small space, whether in homes or offices.

Futons are originally from Japan, made popular in the West during the latter half of the twentieth century. It was born out of the need to maximize small living areas. It’s a well-liked furniture piece these days because there’s a broad selection of futon mattresses, frames and slipcovers. Futon mattresses can be made by layering and mixing materials, such as polyester, wool and foam. Wool and foam combined with cotton will yield softer mattresses, while cotton and polyester will produce firmer ones. As for frames, there are bi-fold and tri-fold frames that can be folded in half or in three parts, respectively. The more popular one is the bi-fold frame as it is easier to maneuver. Loveseat futon frames are also pleasant additions to any tiny nook. Futon slipcovers also come in a myriad of styles, colors and materials. Usual covers are made with vinyl, leather, twill, tweed, cotton, chenille, velvet, suede and many more. Spill-resistant covers are also available, as well as non-slip covers with grip pads. Futon beds come in a variety of designs. Generally, futon mattresses are set in wooden or metal frames that can be folded to vary use, such as a futon sofa bed. You can also use a futon mattress on a Japanese style platform bed. A futon bunk bed is also a great space-saver. The top half can be utilized as a bed, while the bottom section can be fitted with a mattress and used as a sofa bed.

A futon mattress is a functional furniture item. Aside from its many uses, it can also be a fashion piece considering that a lot of styles are on hand.

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