Fun Activities for Kids

It’s just about time to head back to school.  But before you rush off to get your children ready, have some more fun with them and enjoy their last few days of summer!  Give them some highlights to end on and think about as they enter that classroom.  The following is a list of some great activities to do with your children before the summer ends.

  • go visit the local zoo
  • read some books together
  • build a tent or fort in the backyard and sleep in it
  • roast hot-dogs and make smore treats
  • fly a kite
  • go camping
  • look for bugs
  • go for a fun picnic at the park
  • feed the ducks at the park
  • have a bubble blowing contest with bubbles or with gum
  • play on a playground
  • build a tree house in a tree
  • hire a children’s photographer mesa to get back to school photos taken
  • learn to play an instrument
  • build a sand castle at the  beach or at a park with a sand box
  • take a small family roadtrip
  • go to a rodeo
  • take the kids out fishing
  • start a garden that they can watch grow all year long
  • make some tye dye shirts
  • do an arts and crafts project
  • make a quilt
  • take a camera for a walk outside
  • find animals around the neighborhood
  • go bird watching
  • go the movies
  • create your own movie with a video camera
  • write a story
  • act out a play
  • sing songs together
  • play catch outside
  • toss a basketball or play horse
  • set up a mini golf course
  • play with a frisbee
  • bake cookies or another treat
  • plan an entire dinner for the family
  • watch old family movies
  • look up jokes and try and make each other laugh
  • play a card game
  • call relatives who live farther away
  • go visit a friend or family member such as a grandparent

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