Folding Shower Screen Types

Folding shower screens has recently been one of the hottest shower screen types in the market. Several types are now available for those who want to make their bathrooms more functional and better-looking.

The primary purpose of using a shower screen is to prevent water from spilling out of the shower area. It encloses the shower entirely, like what shower curtains or shower doors do. The main difference is that a folding screen is retractable, which means they can be conveniently folded or retracted as needed.

The different folding shower screen types vary mainly on the number of sections they contain and how they fold. The simplest has two panels or folds so it is commonly known as a bi-fold. Others can have four or five folds, which are called as 4-fold and 5-fold, respectively. There are also others with more folds. The reason for having many folds is to be able to make the shower screen extend and retract. Some foldable shower screens retract like an accordion while others can fold up within the shower. There are also folding type shower screens that are entirely removable.

There are advantages and disadvantages for each type of foldable shower screen. The bi-fold is the easiest to install since it has only two parts. It is, however, quite inconvenient because it cannot fold completely into the shower. It is therefore very visible when not in use, which may be an eyesore to some people.

The 4 fold folding type shower screen, on the other hand, folds like an accordion. It covers more area than the bi-fold and it is less visible when folded. The disadvantage is that it can be quite difficult to fold because it has more parts. Same goes for the 5 fold screen. It is more retractable and covers more area but it is also quite difficult to fold.

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