Fluoride Rinses and additives in Our Lives

Since the 1950s the discovery of fluoride being successful in the prevention of cavity activity came to life. The treatment of adjusting the fluoride levels in the community’s drinking water started out small, and over the years increased to be nationwide.

The reduction of over 50% of tooth decay has been linked and credited as a result of fluoride water treatments. When we consider the cost of a cavity treatment, millions of dollars per year are saved from fluoride. These savings are benefited by the American families, insurance companies and government agencies. At your next visit to the Dentist in Columbus you can ask how fluoride treatments can help you and your family save money in cavity prevention.

There is some fluoride in our water supply naturally. Though, it has been found that the levels of fluoride may be insufficient for cavity prevention. We see about 72% of the fluoride we need comes from the fluids consumed in a day. Some say that is just not enough. Over 144 million Americans are benefitting from fluoride being added to the community’s water supply. This is roughly 62% of the community. There are steps being taken by our community leaders to increase these numbers.

The reason fluoride helps us fight cavities is that there are two things that occur in the break down of the decay process. Fluoride is digested into our bodies and then becomes part of the tooth structure. The strengthened tooth has a better chance of fighting decay from the inside out. Next fluoride stops the acid from producing. The acids that cause plaque and decay are then stopped in their tracks.

Finally and most importantly fluoride helps in the repair and restructure of tooth enamel. Re-mineralization is what helps our teeth last for years to come. Fluoride is a very important mineral that through natural uses and water treatments can help us have better teeth. Your Columbus Dentist can help you know if fluoride will help with your oral care needs.

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