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Floral Window Curtains | Home Decor Ideas

If you have dull curtains in your home you can jazz up their appearance and transform the look and feel of your home. There are several ways of making your curtains more attractive. You can add or remove fabrics, use contrasting colors, add decorative touches, use layers and what not. There are numerous ways to brighten up your curtains. Even choosing beautiful colors, materials and patterns can bring about a considerable change to your window dressings.

One way of brightening your house or apartment is to use floral curtains which come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can quickly transform the look of your home in to a beautiful garden using vivid floral patterns. Different kinds of floral patterns impart different ambiance to the rooms. You can choose from bold and brightly colored flowers to neutral ones. The neutral floral designs will be suitable to be used in the office or the living rooms. If you are looking for a romantic feel use curtains which have beautiful pink flowers on them. These are ideal for your bedroom.

The materials of the curtains are very important. The floral patterns come printed on different types of fabrics like cotton, polyester, silk, velvet, linen and many more. For a dramatic effect on your windows, choose curtains with matching valances. It is always better for the valances and the curtains to be of the same pattern for better coordination. White curtains also increase the appearance of your rooms when they have excellent floral patterns on them. The flowers look best when they are either pink colored or magenta with small leaves scattered throughout.

The choice of colors can depend on your personal choice or be according to the decor of your rooms. For a different kind of feel you can also try using bold colors with contrasting colors of large flowers on them. They can impart a lively atmosphere to any room. For example, yellow floral curtains add a nice, light ambiance in any kitchen or dining room. Some of them even prefer to use floral prints on their bathroom curtains because they pass on a cool and colorful feel. For different kinds of effects you can even try pairing the floral patterns with lace curtains. Also use other decorative items like beads, laces etc. Children’s rooms are also an ideal place to use these curtains. Light colored curtains can make their rooms bright and lively. If you have a daughter she may appreciate the use of floral window curtains in her room.

Floral window curtains make great window treatments for all kinds of decor be it modern or traditional. All you need to remember is to use the colors according to the mood and the decor of the room. When you purchase the materials for your curtains make sure that they are durable and do not get damaged quickly. Since most of the window curtains will be exposed to sunlight you need to ensure that they do not fade easily. You can buy excellent quality materials from your local stores or check out the various materials available online.

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