Find A Cheap Screen Protector

Every cell phone needs one and if you just laid out a lot of money for a new phone you may not have the cash to buy anything but a cheap screen protector. Expensive touch screen phones are the wave of now and the future and they have taken off to dominate the cell phone market. Protecting the display screen will prolong the life of your investment and make using it a lot easier and nicer than when it finally gets its first scratch.

Now a screen protector will not protect against all damage and a cheap screen protector may do even less. One difference between cheap ones and the better quality is that the better ones stay on longer and don’t curl up on a corner or have other age-related problems. Sometimes the cheap protectors come in multi-packs knowing that they won’t last and will need replacing. Any protector will decrease the likelihood of scratches developing from normal every day use. Either the stylus or fingernail will leave scratches over time; the time will just be longer with a screen protector.

Some of the most common ways of scratching a cell phone display are from dropping them and having them slide across concrete or hit a corner and then bounce off and land on the face. It’s painful to see that happen as cell phones have an almost “necessary to life” appliance for some people and when they are broken a sort of depression sets in.

Cheaper is better than nothing, just take care to install the protector as perfectly as possible. Clean the screen with a soft lint-free cloth first to remove all of the smudges and other things and then follow up with rubbing alcohol to remove any leftover oil residue and get the display as clean as possible. Follow the instructions for placing the screen protector on your phone and you should be all set, as well as protected.

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