Features And Tips For Sewing Machines

If you are a budding seamstress, learning to sew at a young age, or one who does mending as it piles up, a sewing machine is a good investment if you have never had one of your own. Many older models can be found secondhand, and most were truly made to last and, with a tune-up, will serve several more years.

Even the treadle machines, operated with a foot pump and the old shuttle bobbin are still available and are fine antiques as well as working unites. The slightly longer needles required for these units can still be purchased today and are still serviced.

On the other end of the spectrum is the computerized sewing machine that can even embroider a downloaded picture from a cell phone. Imagine the custom shirts, aprons, towels, and wall hangings that can be created with these modern marvels.

Most people who sew, however, go for the mid-range model because of modest prices and general needs. When shopping for the first model, do not be in a hurry to purchase the first you see. Make sure it has the features you will use the most, such as needle threader, button holer, etc. Most models come with zipper attachments and other feet for various jobs. Make sure to go over the features list, and learn how to thread the machine and use the bobbin threader before leaving the store. Each machine has its own idiosyncrasies in threading, so it is imperative not to buy before checking it out.

Once purchased, it is necessary to keep the machine in shape, just as the car, with an annual flat-rate tune-up. Most are very reasonablly priced, and, in the long run, will save a lot of time and frustration working with an unhealthy machine. Many come with a small tube of light oil, which is good to apply to inner parts from time to time. There is a special aperture on most machines provided for this purpose. Armed with this general information, it will be easier to start the sewing machine hunt, and enjoyment of just the right purchase.

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