Factors That Determine The Value Of Bail Bonds

When a person has been accused of committing a crime they are arrested and taken to jail.  While they are in jail, they will wait to go before a judge.  The judge will then determine whether they are eligible for bail bonds Arlington.  If the judge decides that the prisoner is eligible, they will be able to be released from prison provided the bond is paid to the court.  The prisoner will have to return to court for their trial or the money paid over for the bond will not be given back.  A number of factors determine how high a judge will set a bail bond.

One of the biggest factors that affects the amount of the bail is how severe the crime was.  If the defendant is considered to be dangerous or is accused of a violent crime, a judge may not grant bail.   If the judge does set bail in this circumstance, the amount of the bail will be very high.  By setting a high bail amount the judge ensures that the defendants will return to court.  If they do not, they will not get their money back.

Lastly the next two factors that help determine a bond amount is the criminal history of the defendant and whether or not the judge thinks that the defendant is a flight risk.  If the defendant has no criminal history the judge is likely to set the bail at a very low amount.  The judge will also do this if the defendant is a low flight risk.  Factors that determined whether the defendant is a flight risk include whether they have a family and job in the state.

Once all of these issues have been properly taken into account a judge will set the bail.  Those that do not have enough money to pay it will have to take a loan from a bail bondsman.

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