Evil Eye Jewelry Is Definitely Not From Your Parents Generation

In the world of costume jewelry today, there are a great number of unique pieces designed that truly capture the vibrant energy of today’s youth. One such example being the dramatically crafted pieces tailored to those attracted to the Gothic styles. In addition there a vast number of captivating pieces incorporating a plethora of symbols dating back to ancient times and beliefs, most commonly Egyptian hieroglyphs and other such symbols. Yet an even more common example is The Evil Eye, (some credit this as being a variation on the eye of Ra, an Egyptian symbol), available set into in many eye-catching pieces, ranging from charms, to necklaces and bracelets.

With necklaces created with this particular symbol the eye is usually set into pendant and attached to a chain, cord or choker; the cords being most favored, they are also used widely in the crafting  of various wrist wear. Bracelets, as with the necklaces, may have the evil eye worked into a fixed charm or suspended loosely from the cording or a bit of chain. These charms are just as the pieces in which they are integrated, can be found in varied shapes and sizes, with the eye set center stage for impact.

The base design of the eye has a centered black pupil inlaid upon a blue glass or enamel worked into a metal base field that forms the iris, the shading of which will vary slightly from piece to piece; and ranging in shape from a traditional oval, to a more angular design depending on the setting which is being used. Primarily these pieces are crafted in silver, though there are instances where one may luck into finding one of more precious metals.

Earrings crafted in this particular fashion, are most commonly designed to be worn by those with pierced ears, utilizing wire backs. They share, more often than not, the same free hanging representations of the evil eye, as the necklaces and the wrist wear. There are some that may even have more intricate adornments, such as trim or the incorporation of semi-precious stones or lab created materials like cubic zirconium. Additionally, one may find this symbol worked into other designs, possibly a pentacle, a masonic star, many small animal totems,  or perhaps even a scarab. Some may find this new fashion evil eye jewelry a bit off putting, but look at it from this perspective, not only are our youth simply expressing their own individual style and flair, they’re reconnecting and paying respect to an ancient history.

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