Engraved Rings as Personal Expressions

Engraved rings are great for a number of reasons. They provide great gifts for those special in your life or give you a unique avenue of personal expression. Engraved rings are popular choices for engagements and weddings or any other special occasion you would like to mark with a long lasting keepsake. You can get a ring with intricate engraving on the inside andor a ring with personalized engraving inside the band. However, getting an engraved ring, especially for a special occasion, is not a light decision. You want quality in the ring as well as in the way the message is engraved on that ring.

There are many places you can go to find the right ring. For example, you can look at a company that specializes in engraved rings such as Rings Midas. In this one outlet, you can find antique, art deco, belly, black pearl, Celtic, cocktail, eternity, masonic, moonstone and onyx rings among many others. Many of these rings can indeed be engraved. Rings such as Celtic rings are actually rather popular choices with their intricate designs and laser engraved patterns. In fact, there are many of these types of rings made for men constructed of material such as titanium and tungsten carbide.

Couples may be more interested in personalized rings for an engagement or upcoming wedding. There are a plethora of choices in these rings including platinum, titanium, tri-toned gold, two-tone gold, two-toned silver, white gold and yellow gold. Many rings may also feature diamonds. Others can be customized according to all kinds of preferences. You may decide to have snakes engraved in a titanium ring or a simple I love you on the inside of a white gold ring. You can also find sentimental rings that include pre-engraved sentimental or religious messages. If you want to include your own personal message, you are usually limited to about 25 characters.

Of course the cost of these rings will depend on factors such as the rings material and the extent of the engraving. Personalized rings with only a name or a few characters may cost only about 20 to 30. However, titanium rings or other intricately engraved rings can cost more than 800. You have to decide what type of investment you want to make. In any case, you will have a ring that perfectly reflects your personality or marks a very special occasion in your life.

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