Driving Around Town With Calpe Car Hire

One of the dream vacation spots for holiday makers is the town of Calpe. It is a sight to behold with all its picturesque sceneries and idyllic landscape. One of the prominent features of this town is the large rock that measures 330 meters. It is called Penon de Ifach. This major attraction in Calpe can be within your reach when you book a car reservation with one of Calpe car hire firms that offer the most reasonable price.

Having a car drive around the town of Calpe is like sitting on the lap of nature. This is by far the most convenient way to travel instead of opting for public transport. You can drive to your desired destination without limits and you can save more money doing this. Your family will also be more comfortable as you do not have to wait for long waiting hours just to catch a ride.

Another place that you must visit with your rental car is the Marina Alta Region of Alicante. You will get to see the Roman Baths or Baos de la Reina.  Aside from this astonishing place, you can also head to the old quarter in Calpe that was constructed in the 15th century to defend the town against the pirate’s assault. You can also have a fantastic view of the large Tower of Pea.

The monuments in Calpe are also an interesting sight. Some of the remarkable landmarks in Calpe are the Virgen de las Nieves, Hermitates of La Cometa and San Salvador which has been standing still since the 17th century. The perfect climate in Calpe is another factor why the town has been a tourist magnet for quite some time. This is also something that most vacationers are looking forward to especially during the summer months.

The gorgeous weather is one of the reasons why vacationers want to explore the finest beaches in Calpe. You can find all the exciting sandy beaches such as La Fossa and Arenal. These beaches are surrounded with lush sceneries that soothe your eyes. Other noteworthy places in Calpe are Les Bassetes, Les Urques and La Manzanera.

Calpe car hire companies have a wide range of car choices that will make your stay in Calpe memorable. Do not forget to check the car specification and other facilities to ensure that you will be traveling with comfort. If you are traveling with your small children it is highly recommended that you bring your own baby seat as some companies do not offer such a facility.

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