Most of us, use carpets at home and I know that you would agree that we do not replace our carpets because it wears but for the reason that it loses it beauty, and its not pleasing to the eyes anymore. Now, carpets already have carpet padding or carpet cushion. What is carpet padding? What are its benefits? Carpet padding is a supporting pad that is placed underneath a carpet. A carpet cushion makes a carpet feel better and look better longer therefore extending it usable life span. It also provides the carpet a resistance to pressure, wear and matting. It provides softness and comfort, reduces the noise and insulates the floor. It is best to choose high quality padding. If you find it expensive after all, you can check some sites over the internet who deals on discount carpet pads.

There are 7 types of carpet padding. Carpet Padding may be a waffle rubber, foam padding, rebond, slub rubber, fiber, berber pad and frothed foam. These types are grouped into four categories. Those foam rubber pads are inexpensive and work well in home situations. Sponge padding is stronger and ideal for home and office environments. Fiber pads are very durable and can work very well in high traffic areas. The fourth category uses only natural fibers, which wear very well and will last for many years. From among these you will be able to determine a carpet pad which quality is best from a carpet pad with very low durability. However, cheap carpet pad doesn’t mean that they are not good in any way. Some inexpensive pads are still made to last. It is also best that you check the carpets manufacturer recommendation. Some carpets recommend only one type of padding to use with it, so you need to make sure that you have the correct one.

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