Different Types of Ikea Tealight Holders

Ikea is a well-known manufacturer of a wide variety of products. And one of them is the ikea tealight holders. Ikea offers a decent collection of tealights that vary greatly in size, styles, designs, and features. Some of the available models in their offerings are as follows:

•    Ikea silver modern tealight holder – Made from aluminum, this stunning silver holder would surely be a beautiful addition to any setting. It can be used when decorating wedding venues, parties, or other settings. It is equipped with synthetic rubber feet, as well as a soft slide protection intended to keep the holder in place and prevent damaging its underlying material.

•    Ikea display glass holders – These  holders are sold in set of 100s. They come with 100 tealight candles that are made from paraffin and vegetable wax. These holders are made from glass and are about 2 centimeter in height. They are the ideal choice for those who need a significant number of glass tealight holders. Buying this set will give you greater savings since they already come complete with candles.

•    Ikea candlestick tealight holder – This is practically a dual function holder that can be used to accommodate tealights and ordinary sized candles.

•    Ikea glimma tealight holders and candles – This is a set of 50 tealight holders and candles that is perfect for use in different areas of the house or when decorating venues for special occasions. The holders are 2 cm in height, while the candles are 38 mm in diameter.

Take time to check out different online shops, or the official website of ikea to find other options available for tea light holders. Since most of the holders sold by ikea are in sets, you should be aware on how many holders are included in the set and if they already come with tealight candles. Now you are ready to make your buying decisions.

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