Decorating with Curtain Panels

There are so many styles of curtains today that finding the exact style and color you need is not very difficult. Sometimes the problem is in knowing what we need to make the windows come alive in the room. One popular style of curtains is to use curtain panels. In this article I will show several reasons why they are popular and a good choice for many windows.

First they are available just about everywhere, and if you live in an area without a curtain shop, you can order on line easily. Secondly curtain panels are both for light filtering or for blocking light entirely. So they can be used in many different situations.

One advantage of panels is that they can be accessorized with the choice of a great looking curtain rod. There is a large choice of curtain rods that can pick up the style of your room and complement your overall design.

If you choose great looking or even fancy curtain rods, using tab top panels is good way to show them off in style.

On the other hand if you have grommet top curtains you can accomplish the same emphasis on the rods, as those will simply thread though the holes. In this case you must ensure that one end of the rod can be remove to thread the curtains through the grommets as the end pieces can sometimes be fairly large.

The multilayer look is definitely what’s in. Using a sheer panel under a darker solid color curtain for example is frequently done and can be very effective esthetically. Tie-backs can be used to hold the curtain back during the day.

If you plan on dressing French doors with curtains you must look for a different type of panels with casings at both the top and bottom.

Whether you have small or large windows, whether you use one or several panels, curtain panels are an easy way to dress your windows in practically no time. The variety of styles and colors, the diversity of materials and the affordable prices have made them one of the most popular window dressing system around.

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