Curtains for Kids Rooms Work Makeover Magic

If you want to work happy makeovers in your kids rooms, then consider changes in the window treatments. Curtains for kids rooms come in a huge array of colors, styles and materials. Choosing the right ones will prove a fun and creative challenge.

Start with an idea of how you want the redecorated room to look. What is the overall style you and your children would like? Are you going for the super whimsical and sticking with a cartoon character theme throughout the room? Whether you buy ready-made curtains or stitch them up yourself in a quick couple hours, you can find an array of fabric choice that will match the tone you want to set.

Perhaps you are decorating in expectation of a babys arrival. You may want to go for the traditional colors of pink for girls and blue for boys or, if you will not know the gender of the baby until it arrives, you can choose gender neutral shades such as yellows and greens.

Curtains for kids rooms can be most cost effective if you plan on using them for many years to come. If you want the room to suit your child as he or she goes from babyhood through the toddler stage and on into the school age years, then buy high quality curtains now. The colors can be pastels, brights, or neutrals. Just allow for the years to come and the fact that the childs taste will change as he or she moves through lifes phases.

Some people need to consider privacy issues when deciding on the curtains for their childrens rooms. If your apartment or house has bedrooms facing the street or nearby neighbors, then buy curtains and companion shades that block out the exterior completely when needed.

Make sure that the curtains or fabrics that you select have fire retardant qualities. This is a safety measure to always keep in mind when buying articles that will be near children. When picking out matching shades, buy the kind without pull cords. Children have been known to get entangled in pull cords, and you do not need to introduce an element of risk in the room.

Whether you go for flocks of bluebirds, a tartan plaid, or vivid primary colors, choosing curtains for kids rooms will prove to be a pleasurable task. You can give a room a whole new look by picking the right window treatments to soothe youngsters to sleep each night and inspire them every morning.

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