Cubic Zirconia Jewelry – A Class of Their Own

You want the best that your money can buy. But the problem is, you don’t have a lot to spend. You like the look of diamonds, that million dollar look, but you don’t have the money. But you like the look. What if I said to you cubic zirconia jewelry?

Would that pique your interest? I bet it would.

The really good news in this is that you don’t have to spend the million you don’t have to get the look you want. You may not even have to spend one thousand. You might have to spend one hundred for something really classy but you might be able to do it for less.

You may find that you don’t really want that diamond after all, especially if it is going to be so small that you can’t see it except with a magnifying glass.

Just think about it. Why is a diamond so important to you? Is it because you think it is shinier or perhaps more brilliant than anyting else. What if I told you that cubic zirconia has more brilliance and more sparkle than all but the most perfect diamond.

In fact of all the things that people want in a diamond, a cubic zirconia has more of. Flawlessness, near colorless, fiery sparkle and brilliance. And for less dollars than you think.

A diamond is a gemstone. Cubic zirconia is a gemstone. A cubic zirconia can be cut and faceted just like a diamond. One big difference is that a cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone – man made using zirconium oxide heated to a very high temperature. The resulting crystals are cubic zirconia. And it is just as much a gemstone as a diamond is.

The cost of the setting will make a big difference to the cost of the jewelry. Sterling silver, 14k or 18k gold perhaps even platinum but I doubt it. All these make a fine setting for cubic zirconia just as they would for a Tahitian pearl pendant.

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