Creative Business Cards

It appears having the standard black and white cardboard printed business card is not what people want these days. Creativity has moved deeper into the business card world as more and more business people insist on having either foil business cards or clear business cards. In the 1980s business cards were nothing but small rectangular pieces of cardboard with the name of the bearer below a logo of his or her company. It was enough. No one considered the business card to be anything more than some sort of introductory item.

This attitude began to change as the Internet and other technological changes advanced into society. Indeed because of the aforementioned Internet, business card companies were able to advertise changes in the industry. Paper was being replaced by plastic and foil in other industries, so it was inevitable the printing industry would follow. Business people took to these changes, in business card production, like ducks take to water and many companies soon distributed either clear business cards or foil business cards to their employees.

Clear or foil business cards certainly are unique. Their longevity coupled with their appearance definitely creates light conversation and this in turn can cement a good working relationship. Often, if a business person presents a clear or foil business card, the reaction from the receiver is one of surprise. Comments like “Wow! This is different” or “Hey, this is nice. Where did you get it made?” are invariably said. Needless to say the person receiving the card, a few weeks later, has his or her own clear business cards or foil business cards printed. The development of business cards will, no doubt, continue to improve; who knows, in the future perhaps electronic business cards will be the normal. So if you are a business person and think it is about time you discarded the old cardboard business cards that you’ve been carrying around in your wallet or briefcase for the past 15 years; consider getting a set of clear or foil business cards.

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