Create Color or Black and White Copies easily with the HP Deskjet F380

Most people who use a computer on a regular basis have some type of printer they use with it. A printer allows your computer to become a more versatile machine because you have the ability to create a large amount of products through the addition of the extra machine. The HP Deskjet F380 gives the user even more flexibility because it is designed as an all-in -one component. This means you can print, scan and copy documents and images by using the same machine. The advantage to this is the money you save by not needing to buy separate machines as well as the space you save needing to set the system up in.

The HP Deskjet F380 Printer operates using a thermal inkjet type of cartridge and is made as a color printer. The printing speeds for this machine are twenty pages a minute for black and white copies and fourteen pages a minute for color copies. The color uses a four or six color combination to create the full spectrum of colors found in various images. This particular machine performs best when printing color documents rather than photo images. It is capable of printing on envelopes, labels, iron-on transfer paper as well as plain paper.

For making color copies the HP Deskjet F380 can print at the same speeds it uses for basic computer printing jobs. The internal memory of this machine can store up to 32MB of information for performing the different jobs. This is more than enough memory for most basic black and white or color printing jobs. This compact machine measures only six inches in height and is about sixteen inches in width. It can easily fit on most computer desk shelves to keep it neatly tucked out of the way. It is designed to work with both Mac and Windows operating systems. If would want to buy or learn more about the HP F380 printer, go to

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