Convert Your Golf Cart to a Green Golf Cart

The widespread use of golf carts not just in golf courses has lead to more golf carts for sale. They are now more affordable than ever before. Aside from brand new golf carts, there are used golf carts sold as is and there are refurbished golf carts. There is also the choice between gas golf carts and electric golf carts. Going green is what is beneficial for people and the environment and this idea have become so prominent lately that a lot of people now want to join in; this includes the people who are using golf carts. So how can make your golf cart a green golf cart?

You will be golfing on green courses, it is only right that you go green when you go golfing. This is especially true of people using gas golf carts. Although we want to conserve gas as much as possible, we cannot ask golfers to walk 18 holes. However, there are alternatives each golfer can choose.

Golfers can opt to have solar roofs attached to their golf carts. This will help conserve the cart’s battery so you will not have to keep recharging it. These solar roofs will transform you cart into a solar powered vehicle. You will be using a highly renewable energy resource and you can do this without harming Mother Nature and people.  These solar panels are able to generate up to 180 watts and they also supply 3 amps directly to a battery which is 36 to 48 volts. The distance that your golf cart can travel is increased by up to 30% with the use of these solar panels.

Because of the benefits which these solar panels can give, may golf courses are now thinking of installing solar panels on their golf carts for customer’s use. It has been reported that the U.S. government is even thinking of offering tax credits to people who own golf carts with solar panels.

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