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Convert VHS To DVD With Roxio Easy VHS To DVD Converter

Any time is a good time for Spring cleaning. Speaking of Spring cleaning, what about all of those piles of VHS tapes sitting out in your garage, basement, attic, or hall closet? Aren’t you tired of looking at all of that junk? VHS is over and DVD and Blu Ray are today’s mainstays – but don’t just throw them away. Make sure you convert them first to a digital format. Here is the easiest method for converting VHS to DVD – with the Roxio Easy VHS To DVD.

Roxio Easy makes it easy to convert VHS to DVD. Remember that the time is running out for your old VHS home video collection. Soon they will be deteriorated beyond repair – at least as far as today’s technology archivists know. One thing is for sure, if you take action today, you can stop the aging process in its tracks and be able to watch all of those old movies on DVD again and again.

Roxio converts the analog VHS signal to digital format that can be understood by your computer. After it does this, Roxio can burn your digitally formatted videos to DVD with a DVD burner. The DVD burner – or recorder – is not included but usually comes with most new computer models.

Listen to all of these added conveniences you get from the Roxio Easy VHS To DVD package:

  • Provides simple video editing tools in the software including cross fades and the ability to add music
  • Includes a number of fancy animated Hollywood DVD menu templates
  • Digitizes music from records, tapes, and CDs
    • Removes those old style ten second gaps between audio tracks
    • Automatically adjusts audio recording levels
    • Exports music and videos to iPods and iPhones
  • Offers customized labels, inserts, and booklets for your DVDs or CDs (printer required)

The best part about the Roxio Easy VHS To DVD converter combo packages is that it comes recommended by sites like PC Advisor. And it’s only $59.99. So, if you have want to transfer VHS to DVD, your best bet is the Roxio converter.

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