Considering Window Replacement Talk To A Restoration Expert First

Because we have timber sash windows in our home that are many years old, we decided to get assistance and advice from a sash window expert, so that we could decide whether not we should restore or replace our poorly performing windows.

This expert called to our home and gave us a full and frank appraisal of our window units. As it turned out the windows did not need to be replaced as we had first feared. Instead the window specialist recommended that we replace any pieces of rotting timber in the frames, have them re sealed, get them opening and closing easily again and in this way we could save ourselves a lot of money.

Having agreed a price to do all of this he set to work. He removed the old frames from the sash box and replaced any timber that was damaged or rotten. Once all this was done he used a resin to seal and cracks in the frame and this improved the capacity of the frames to withstand air leakage. Once the frames were then repainted and reinserted back into the sash box they looked magnificent.

And he wasn’t finished there. We used to have a lot of difficulty when opening and closing our sash windows.  He removed the old and damaged sash cords and replaced them with new ones and lubricated pulley systems. Now our windows open and close freely. Finally he cleaned down the window hardware including all of the brass sash window locks and cam catches.

By the time he was finished our windows were unrecognisable from the old rattling sash windows that we were used to. The work that he did was not cheap but it was much less expensive than replacing all our windows and on top of it our home has retained its character, which to us is a priceless asset.

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