Consider These Points Before Buying a Digital Photo Frame

The many different features and options available with today’s modern digital photo frames can make it difficult to choose between the different models. First have a look at some of these options and then decide what is most important to your needs. If it has been a while since you looked at digital frames, you may be surprised at some of the features available today.

The display resolution is probably the single most important factor in deciding the quality of your digital picture frame. Resolution, measured in Pixels, is a measure of the detail displayed on the screen. Basically you want the highest resolution screen you can afford to get the best results. The size of the screen is important because to display large pictures the resolution needs to be even greater. Digital frames are available in a range of sizes from tiny key ring frames to much larger 15″ frames. The bigger the frame the more pixels you need. Aspect ratio of 4:3 is the standard to look for although this is a relatively minor issue.

The management of the pictures can vary immensely between different models. Choose a digital photo frame that suits the equipment you already have. If for instance you do not have a PC you can choose a model that will transfer images directly from the camera or the cameras SD card. Perhaps you like to make the most of technology and would prefer to send images and control the frame remotely via Wi-Fi, or even by email. Many methods exist so be sure to check them out.

Look at the various display options available with each frame. Slideshows are pretty much standard, but features such as audio and even video are now available.

Options and features aside, as usual it can come down to price in the end. But keep in mind – you often get what you pay for.

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