Common Mistakes That Hastens the Deterioration of Laptop Batteries

Mobility is something that has become so important for our generation that inventors and manufacturers have devised ways on how to make objects that were so bulky before so small that it can fit in our pockets. For instance, in the past people will have to use a telephone from a fixed area to call someone – now all you need is to get your mobile phone in your pocket and make a call anywhere and anyhow. Same is true with computers. In the past, high-end computers are often big, bulky and difficult to set-up, now there are notebook computers that are very small and lightweight they can be carried anywhere. In addition to that, they can be as powerful as or more powerful than their desktop counterparts. But there is a catch – manufacturers are yet to discover laptop batteries that can last long, for now all we can do is make do with ones that can last for only 2 to 3 hours upon removal from its socket.

To add further to the fact that the batteries can only last for 2 to 3 hours on average, they are also very sensitive to improper usage. A battery that can last for 2 hours can end up only lasting for 5 minutes after just a few months if not used properly. To prevent that from happening, take note of some of the common mistakes that a laptop user makes:

1. Overcharging – most of notebook users are too engrossed with their work that they forget to unplug the laptop battery charger after it signals that its battery is already full.

2. Improper Ventilation – because these batteries are very sensitive, just the exposure to excessive heat can deteriorate it. Make sure that the laptop fans are not obstructed.

3. Excessive Screen Brightness – this often leads to faster battery discharge which actually leads to recharging again. Take not that the major factor that causes a laptop battery to deteriorate is the charge and discharge cycle.

If you become conscious about these scenarios, you will not only help save your files but also your pocket as well.

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