Cleaning products for a mosaic table and tiles

Windex, a registered company, produce cleaning materials that have been used primarily on glass, but other glass like material can also be cleaned effectively with these products. I tried one of the spray products on a mosaic table and found it to be effective. The table in question had a glass center piece which I was in the process of cleaning and instead of stopping to get a mosaic tile cleaner for the tiled section I just continued on with the glass cleaner. I cleaned the entire table top (glass and mosaic tiles) with the glass cleaner and the result was excellent.

If the mosaic table is well constructed and grouted fully there is no possible risk of the blue-green colored liquid cleaner penetrating the work top to cause damage under the glass or tiles. I have recently discovered that I can clean the bottom of the table too with the same cleaner even though the table legs are constructed of strong aluminum.

Windex is in generic use and is a very popular brand name (just like Xerox etc) and many glass cleaners are imitations of the original and some even trade their products with the word ‘windo’ prominently displayed. Established companies must lead the way forward in protecting the planet.

Like most big companies, Windex must be aware of the environment and any possible damage that it products may cause to the atmosphere. To this end the company has produced a natural plant based product for all our cleaning needs.

Windex bottles are made from 50% recycled plastic materials and can also be fully recycled. In addition, (and much better again) you can reuse the bottle because liquid refills are now available for purchase. People are demanding these products more and more so it is enlightening to see progressive companies taking on the challenges of replacing their ‘old’ products with non damaging new ones.

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