Choosing a good family juicer machine

You are probably aware that fresh juice is really healthy. It contains the goodness found in the original fruits and vegetables, without the effort of having to chew everything your self – plus it tastes great!

But what sort of juicer machine should you buy, and what features are important to look for? Below are a few tips for the first time buyer.

1. You want a machine that is simple to take apart, and put back together – this will need doing every time you clean it, so if it involves fiddly little bits or requires a lot of effort avoid it.

2. Will it be easy to clean? Ideally you want large, smooth parts that won’t get jammed full of pulp and juice and require extensive scrubbing. Some juicers can be taken apart and the juicing assembly be placed directly in the dishwasher for a really simple no fuss cleanup.

3. Big juice catcher and pulp catchers. It always makes an extra mess if you have to stop half way and empty the juice of the pulp. Look for a container that will hold however much you expect to juice at one.

4. Stainless steel internal if possible. This will cost slightly more, but you will appreciate the easier cleanup, quieter and smoother operation, and durability. A machine like the Angel Juicer is a good example – this thing will last forever, nearly the whole interior is steel

5. A big, wide chute for ingredients. This saves you the bother of cutting everything up in to tiny bits.

6. A good warranty. Things break down – so look for the best arrangement. Cheaper models commonly come with 12 months, but some upmarket ones come with several years. The Angel juicer has a 10 year warranty (this is pretty rare!) which means the company must have a lot of faith that it won’t fail!

If your budget is limited, try department stores at sale times, as you can often pick up a real bargain. However, always check against online stores first as they can often sell the same product at a significant discount, and ship it straight to your door.

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