Child Friendly Toy Organization Tools

How do you encourage your child to pick up his toys?  With the right child friendly toy organization tools, of course!  The right tools make the job easy for your child.  They are suited to your child’s personality, and they appeal to his sense of fun.  Here are a few different ones you may want to consider:

The Toy Hammock

The toy hammock is an unsung hero of the home.  It’s simple for a child to toss his stuffed animals up into his blue toy hammock.  The animals are then out of the way, and the floor is clear for a racetrack.  Then there’s a ready made audience to watch the show from above!

Toy hammocks come in a number of colors and sizes.  The big ones can hold from 30-50 stuffed animals, depending on the size.  You can get a toy hammock cheap by searching on the web.

The Toy Box

The toy box is underrated.  A lot of people have them, but very few know how to use them properly.  The toy box works best for children who become anxious at the idea of picking up.  These children generally feel overwhelmed by the task.  Using a toy box simplifies picking up to one basic task, allowing your child to have less stress at the prospect.

The toy chest works best with larger toys, as small ones tend to fall to the bottom.  However, there are some that combine an organizer with the box to help prevent that problem.

The Toy Bins

Toy bin organizers provide an easy solution for organizing small toys.  They allow your child to sort the toys into different bins.  These bins can be labeled with colorful pictures to make sorting easier (some come with the pictures already applied!)  There are a lot of different designs available, including many popular Disney characters.

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