Changing Door Knobs Tips

If like a lot of Americans, you moved into one of the houses that was built about 15 years ago. Your door knobs are most likely to be almost exactly like the door knobs in all of the other houses on your block. By simply changing a door knob you can completely change your room. By making this simple inexpensive change, you will be adding your own unique mark of style to your room.

There are many decorative door knobs to choose from, you can simply choose one that makes you feel unique. There are wood, metal, glass, crystal and even hand crafted door knobs.

I particularly like crystal door knobs. I think that they give a touch of elegance to doors. They reflect more light and seem to make you expect to find magic behind a door. Depending on the colors in the room you can chose a gold or silver door plate.

There are no rules that say that you have to have the same door knob on each side of your door. each side of the door has a different room decor, so there is no need to have the same thing twice. If you choose to mix things up a bit then make sure that the door has the same mounting hardware or it won’t work.

You have to know the type of door knob you need before going out to buy them. You may only need a pull knob for a door that doesn’t need any operation to close. In that case, you would need to order a half-dummy. Passage knobs are often used for closets or hallways that have no need to be locked because the can be operated on both sides of a door. Privacy functions work well for bathroom and bedroom doors because they will only lock on the inside. The door can be locked or unlocked from the outside with the emergency key that will come with the lock.

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