Cast Iron Downspouts for Rainwater Collection

Cast iron downspouts are a great way to collect rainwater for use in your garden and plant areas. Cast iron is durable easy way to collect water. They are also safe from harsh chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Cast iron downspouts are an extremely durable, long lasting material that can be used for many, many years for rainwater collection. It is not hard to connect a cast iron downspout to a rain collection barrel. Most rain collection barrels are made of household materials that are just laying around. If your looking for a more attractive option, you might want to check the internet. There are many types of rain collection barrels that have a spigot already attached. This is a great accessory because a garden hose can be hooked directly to the rain barrel and used to water the flowers and the garden.

One thing to look into before you decide to use cast iron downspouts for rainwater collection is if catching rainwater is actually legal in your area. Because of complex, and often confusing, water rights some states will not issue a rainwater collection permit. Based on some laws the water, and snow that falls already belongs to someone else and you are technically “stealing” if you collect it. You’ll want to check with your local water authority before you begin collecting rainwater.

Another great thing about cast iron downspouts is that you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals used while they are being manufactured. Because cast iron is almost indestructible, most preservative sprays and harsh chemicals are not necessary. Many people don’t realize that cast iron is actually a great source of iron when used in cooking. The same will hold true with cast iron downspouts and rainwater collection containers.

Cast iron downspouts are a great way to collect rainwater. They are durable and long lasting as well as attractive. They are also very safe to use because of the lack of harsh chemicals during the manufacturing process. Make sure to check with your local and state water authority before you start a rain collection system to water your plants and garden.

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