Canker Sore

If you have ever dealt with a canker sore, you know how painful they can become. It is common to have cancer sores if you have cut the gums or if you eat foods that your body may be allergic to. A lot of people experience canker sores after they have eaten nuts and other foods that their body is allergic to. Canker sores usually go away on their own but if you are getting them quite frequently and they are large and painful, you may have a serious gum disease problem.

Keeping your gums healthy is very important and a skilled Modesto Dental office will be able to teach you proper brushing procedures and other things that will help to keep your gums healthy. Using mouthwash like Listerine can help to heal the canker sore faster. Use trace mineral drops and applying them right to the canker sore can also help to heal it quickly.

Some dental procedures can cause canker sores to develop. If you are having braces installed on your teeth, it is quite common for them to irritate the gums and cause canker sores while the gums adjust to them. Sometimes Modesto veneers will cause canker sores as the dentist might knick the gums when they are using the proper tools to install the veneers.

After having dental procedures done, you may have canker sores for about 2 weeks. If the canker sores are not healing in 2 weeks, contact a dentist to acquire prescription mouthwash that can help to heal the canker sores. They may also find that there are some sharp tooth surfaces that are actually causing the canker sores to develop.

Discuss food sensitivities that may be causing the canker sores. Acidic foods like pineapple may be causing the canker sores to develop. Increase your folic acid, iron, zinc, and Vitamin b-12 intake to help prevent canker sores.

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