Buying Trainers without Running Around in Circles

When looking for exercise shoes, keep in mind a few basic pointers to avoid running around in circles on your shopping quest. Walkers, joggers, and runners can all follow the same basic guidelines. Find out what type of foot you have, then look for shoes that best suit your needs.

There are three basic types of foot structure. These are: flat footed, high arched, and neutral. Trainers are made with this in mind. For people with special foot concerns such as bunions or hammer toes, consult with a foot specialist first. Even those with unusual foot shapes can find the right shoes through online shopping stores such as the Argos catalogue.

Finding out what type of foot you have is easy. Simply wet your foot, then step on a dark piece of paper. The imprint of the bottom of your foot will clue you in to your foot structure and the type of trainer you need.

Flat feet have no visible arches. If your imprint lacks an inward curve between your big toe and heel and shows the entire base of the foot, you fall in this category. This foot type tends to overpronate or roll inward with each stride. If you already own a pair of exercise shoes, check the heel to confirm this. You will see more wear on the inner heel of shoes you have worn for awhile. To counteract overpronation, buy shoes advertised for their greater stability.

People with high arches will see footprints with large curves and thin outer edges. High arches tend to cause supination or rolling outward with each heel strike. The best shoes to counteract this tendency are flexible and well cushioned to absorb hard surface shock when training.

Neutral foot are recognizable from their footprints with small inward curves of no more than 2.54 cm. The lucky people who are neither high-arched or flat-footed can buy any trainer of the right size. They do not have to worry about giving themselves back or leg problems because of a shoe that does not correct foot problems. Buying trainers does not have to be difficult. Know your foot’s basic type. Then shop happily away.

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