Best Wedding Centerpieces: The Simple and the Extravagant

The best wedding centerpieces are not always the most extravagant ones. Even the simplest and cheapest of all wedding centerpieces can also look elegant, lively, stunning, and romantic. Therefore, even if you have a huge budget or a limited one for the wedding reception decorations, you can guarantee to have great centerpieces for the tables.

If you are looking for tropical centerpiece ideas, your options can be endless. There are a lot of tropical centerpieces that you can choose from for your wedding reception. If you have a generous budget for the centerpieces, consider using flowers. The natural beauty and color of tropical flowers alone can already make great decorations for the tables. Hire a professional florist to make the most extravagant flower arrangements for your wedding reception. Most of the time, the florist will guide you through picking the right flowers that will complement the theme of your wedding. However, if you trust your flower arrangement skills, you can consider taking the responsibility of arranging the flowers for the centerpieces yourself.

On the other hand, if you are on a budget, there are still a lot of affordable centerpiece ideas that you can consider. For instance, you can use fruits, candies, and even candles for the table decorations. You can create floating centerpieces with votive candles and flower petals or flower heads. Or, you can fill a glass bowl with sliced fruits. You can also arrange fresh fruits in a basket or tray. If you are hosting an informal wedding, fill glass containers with sweets or candies of various colors. Jelly beans are great options for this kind of centerpiece. The color of the candies will bring attraction to the tables and the candies will serve as sweet treats for your guests as well.

In the end, whether you want an extravagant or simple centerpiece or whether you want a cheap or an expensive decoration, there are various options awaiting you. No matter what your choice is, making sure that the centerpieces are perfect will make your wedding reception a total success.

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