Benefits of an Electric Bass Guitar Package

Typically, an electric bass guitar package comes with a bass guitar, amplifier (amp), strings, guitar Strap, cables, tuner, and more. Some of these packages, however, only come with one or two items, while others contain everything a serious player would need to gut the most out of his bass.

Quality is important, so the items in a bass package are of high quality offered at a “bundle” price. This offers players unparalleled convenience as they can purchase everything they need and start jamming the very same day.

The best elements in most of these packages are of course the amplifier and guitar. While there are some packages available with many accessories and no amp, the best packages offer different kinds of amplifiers for different musicians. Amps are common in 7-15 watts, and are not interchangeable between the packages.

As for the guitars, these come in 4 or 5 string electric varieties, and vary in each package. A 5 string bass guitar has a vast difference in sound over the 4 string, and is generally preferred by experienced players. Four strings, however, are very good for beginners to practice and learn on, as they are generally easier to master than the five-string guitars. The same is true for the difference in a 7 or 15 watt amplifier, where the higher watt is preferred by advanced players. Be sure to understand what is in the package you are buying so you know you’re getting what you want out of it.

Perhaps the best thing about these packages is their affordability. These are also really great for beginners because each package includes an instructional DVD to get you started. Having all the necessary components packed up together makes getting started easy, and can even be appreciated by experienced players. This saves the player time and money, and these packages come in so many varieties that there really is one for everyone.

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