Be Nice to Your Big Dog and Buy Him Some Dog Clothes.

It’s really common to see small dogs wearing dog clothes but believe it or not, big dogs could benefit from dog clothing as well. It’s common for people to think that because dogs are little that they are incapable of keeping themselves warm. A dog’s size doesn’t have anything to do with how well it is equipped to handle the cold. Some dogs are equipped with warmer coats than others which make it possible for them to stay warm and cold climates. This has to do with the breed of the dog and not the size of the dog.

A good example would be the Greyhound or the Great Dane. These are large breeds of dogs with short coats and very little body fat. These breeds are not designed to deal with the cold very well. For whatever reason, people with large dogs sometimes think that dressing their dog clothing makes them look wimpy but people with small dogs simply don’t care. There’s really no reason that small dogs need to wear dog clothing anymore than large dogs need to. Body type and hair coat have much more to do with whether or not your dog should be wearing dog clothing that its size.

Pomeranians are tiny dogs with the whole lot of hair. Believe it or not, these little tiny dogs are probably more equipped to handle the cold than a Great Dane. If you have a dog with a very short coat, you’ll be doing them a huge favor by dressing them in a warm sweater or coat. On those cold days when you’re cold, your dog is probably cold to. Take a few extra minutes and put a sweater on him before you take him out  for a walk. Dressing them warm will make them much more comfortable and less likely to get cold. One way of knowing if your dog should be dressed in a sweater is to go by how your body feels. If you are cold while you’re outside, your dog will probably be cold outside as well.

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