Automated Wrapping Machinery in Action

There are probably not many people who have seen automated wrapping machinery in action. The workers of factories where large boxes are automatically wrapped will of course be well acquainted with the workings of wrapping machinery. However, people who are not familiar with these machines may be excited and surprised to see them working.

First of all, the loads and the boxes that sit on pallets are wrapped by a rotary pallet wrapper. There are two types of rotary pallet wrapping machines. In the first type of machine, the load or the box stays still and the wrapping systems rotate around them. In the second type, the platform where the pallet bearing the load is placed rotates and the wrapping system is stationery.

The working principle is similar in both types of machine. The clear plastic is wrapped either by rotating the wrapper or by rotating the load. The first method is best suited for heavy and large loads as you can place the load in one place and the wrapper does the work around the load. One example of this particular type of machine is the R1800F pallet wrapping machine from Dajiang.

For smaller loads and boxes even if they sit on the pallets, the second method is best suited. A typical example of this type of machine is the T1650F-CS from Dajiang.

There are many other companies that manufacture pallet wrapping machinery besides the Chinese company Dajiang. For example, the X200 and X400 series from UK manufacturer SCM EasyPak are examples of these machines from other companies.

Today, it is very cost effective to have the pallet wrapping machinery implemented in the factory unlike in the past. Hence it is a worth while investment for the small factory owners and the distribution centers to have these wrapping machines to serve their purpose.

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