Answers To Common Inquiries About Sterling Silver Jewelry

Jewelry pieces that are made from sterling silver like the solid silver bangle are now becoming more popular to consumers because of their really low prices but pristine looks. With this given fact, sterling silver jewelry has been labeled as the cheap alternative of gold and platinum jewelry pieces. If you want to be practical without losing style, then sterling silver jewelry pieces will work best for you.

Sterling jewelry has now reached a level of popularity that goes beyond stainless steel jewelry for women. One of the most common questions that people ask about sterling silver jewelry is that, what are the different types of plating done on it. Sterling silver comes opposite to gold and platinum as to the reason that it is quite unstable and it usually oxides quickly. Because of this certain characteristic of sterling silver, jewelry pieces that are produced from it are coated with another kind of metal so as to protect it from getting tarnished easily. The two kinds of plating applied on sterling silver jewelry are rhodium plating and nickel plating. Rhodium plating is more expensive because it provides sterling silver jewelry pieces with a higher degree of protection as compared to nickel plating.

Rhodium plating comes with a darker color. Nickel plating on the other hand, has a whitish look. Another question about sterling silver jewelry that people often have in their minds is that how will they be able to know the purity of jewelry pieces under this category. Well, sterling silver is basically tested inside a laboratory for its purity. The purity of sterling silver refers to the 92.5% of silver present on its alloy. Sterling silver jewelry pieces that are genuine are now labeled with the “925” tag, which serves as an indication that they are composed of 92.5% of silver so you no longer need to go to a lab just so you can have your sterling silver pieces checked for authenticity.

Last in line on the questions about sterling silver jewelry is about resizing and engraving. With regards to sterling silver, these two methods are really simple because of the low melting point and high ductility of the latter.

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